General Information

5 SEP 1826
Talladego, Alabama
10 OCT 1881
Talladego, Alabama
Oak Hill Cemetery, Talladega, Talladega County, Alabama



MARCUS HENDERSON CRUIKSHANK was born in Autuauga County in 1826. He read law in Talladega under Alexander White and L. E. Parsons (son of Gov. Parsons who practiced law in Talladega), and became a member of the firm in 1847. He was Register in Chancery at one time, mayor of Talladega, and editor of the Talladega Reporter. He represented the district as a member of the House of Representatives of the Confederate States during 1863-1865. He was Commissioner for the relief of the destitute in Alabama after the war. (1)

During the great 1844 political upheaval in the country; Henry Clay as a Presidential candidate for the Whig Party and James Polk as a Democrat, Marcus was a notable Whig in Talladega County. (2)

The Alabama Reporter, a local Talladega paper, was established May 6, 1943, preparatory to the great presidential contest of 1844. In 1855 it was sold to Marcus H. Cruikshank, "A gentlemen of much personal worth and popularity". (3)

Abraham Lincoln declared War by Proclamation April 15, 1861. Mr. Marcus H. Cruikshank was Mayor of Talladega during the succession period and the early part of the War. He issued a warning in December of 1860 to the public:

"As a measure of precaution and prudence on the part of our citizens, in view of the excitement and apprehension, I would respectfully suggest that each citizen keep a strict patrol over his own premises and servants, and that Negro gatherings be strictly prohibited during the approaching holidays. Patrol companies have been appointed and persons who give their Negroes holidays should provide them with proper passes". (4)

Marcus was heavily involved in the community of Talladega as evidenced in membership in local school systems. His political impact also spanned to the Capital in Montgomery when after the Civil War he was appointed as Commissioner for the Destitute for the State of Alabama.

Marcus was not only a Lawyer but served as Mayor of Talladega and owner of the Watchtower, a weekly Talladega newspaper. Marcus and Henry Sims must have been close friends as they shared so much in common; political affliations, community involvement and the desire to build and grow Talladega County.

Henry Sims became Marcus's brother-in-law when Henry married his younger sister, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cruikshank in 1858.

Sad to note, that Marcus died just one month after his mother, Lovedy Cruikshank Estill passed away.

Estate of Marcus, dated December 16, 1881, was valued at $5,000. His son, George M. Cruikshank, over 21, was named Administrator. In addition to Geroge, Marcus was survived by his wife, Mattie, daughters Clara and Margaret, both over 21, and a minor daughter, over 18 but not yet 21, Anna B.Cruikshank.

Many fond memories of Marcus were handed down by previous generatons. Known as "Uncle Marcus" I have interepreted that he had a joyful and wonderful sense of humor. As his political affliation shows, he was a very energetic, outgoing and well spoken individual. Lisa Allen Bagggett October, 2002.


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Burial: 11 Oct 1881, Oak Hill Ctry., Talladega, Talladega, AL60,61 Cause of Death: Thrown from Horse62

Census 1: 1840, Talladega County, AL in H/H of Mother & Step-Father63 Census 2: 1850, Talladega County, AL64

Census 3: 1860, Talladega County, AL65 Census 4: 1870, Talladega County, AL66 Census 5: 1880, Talladega County, AL67

Elected 1: Bet. 1861 - 1863, Mayor of Talladega, Talladega, AL68,69 Elected 2: Bet. 1864 - 1865, Representative in the Confederate Congress70 Occupation: Lawyer71,72 Politics: Whig73

Probate: 16 Dec 1881, George M. Cruikshank Administrator74


Burial: Oak Hill Ctry., Talladega, Talladega, AL75 Census 1: 1860, Talladega County, AL76 Census 2: 1870, Talladega County, AL77 Census 3: 1880, Talladega County, AL78

Census 4: 1900, Jefferson County, AL in H/H of Son George Marcus79

More About MARCUS CRUIKSHANK and MATILDA CHRISMAN: Marriage: 12 Dec 1850, Lexington, Fayette, KY80,81,82


George Patterson Cruikshank
- Father
1793 - 1830
3 JUN 1793
Rhynie, Aberdeen, Scotland
2 MAR 1830
Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama
Lovedy Campbell McNeil
- Mother
1804 - 1881
4 JAN 1804
Moore, North Carolina
3 AUG 1881
Prattville, Autauga, Alabama


Matilda W. B. Crisman
- Wife
28 FEB 1828
Jessamine, Fayette County, Kentucky
12 DEC 1850
Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky


Clara Cruikshank
- Daughter
1852 - 1934
ABT 1852
Talladego, Alabama
18 AUG 1934
Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA
George Marcus Cruikshank
- Son
1852 - 1936
15 MAR 1852
Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky
15 SEP 1936
Mobile, Alabama
Margaret Cruikshank
- Daughter
1856 - 1909
Anna B. Cruikshank
- Daughter
1863 - 1908
ABT 1863
23 MAR 1908
Talladego, Talladega County, Alabama